by David Bishop

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released March 11, 2015

Atom80 for the genius of the composing the tracks.
FlowFreeQuan and Cslty For their supporting verses
Luis Cruz For the epic handy guitar work
COlby Martinez For the supporting vocals and the guitar work.

A very special credit goes to any and everyone who took the time to give this a listen. I definitely appreciate you all!



all rights reserved


David Bishop Bronx, New York

This Music Is for you.

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Track Name: Post Script
Newly Awakened
Spirit on the rise
Body Forsaken
Passion In my eyes
Angels were Shaken
I heard them holy whispers askin would I make it?
I need power
Time I take it
Pure Unadulterated
Thanks to this revelation
situation terminated
Worse than I estimated
Broken heart and tested patience
The gods turn their faces.
This Is my disgrace
A saviour was wasted.
Stand In the way
Destruction Is fate
Lack Of patience
Sick of fake shit
Ill build my own kingdom
Tell the Lord Im tired of waiting.

Paralyzing Pain
Wont stop the need for this change
you might be right
this cant be life
got fuckin leeches in my brain
I have the might
the will to fight
But what I need I cant obtain
your light was just to bright
I had been blinded into shame
To be Precise
you held the knife
and put the ice
inside my veins
Chains hang
Bang Clang
Driving me insane
Blame Game Maintains true Aim
with a primitive pulse
Bring flames watch your spirit convulse
How you do a lane change when I needed you most
We bathe faith in mistakes
we created this ghost
here's to all them assholes
now Im making a toast
amazing I know
the reason you should pray for the host
the day that he goes
you'll find his heart broke by the one that he's choose
and goes to show
the world'll keep spining even when you're alone.
There's no hope for my soul,
Cause shes turned me to STONE
Track Name: Last Wish ( Feat. Luis Cruz )
Im Addicted to disaster
Fuck Fame
this Bastard
Has been changed for the worst
my words hang on a verse
disperse the curse of livin
the fightin is finished final and finally I feel free
Fuck the feelins
I need an Icee
Childhood night to replenish
I never wanted to grow up
you forced me in it
now my world view changed
I lost my
Center of Gravity
Fuck with Anatomy
Learned Its a tragedy
to be so attached to things
Rust on a wedding ring
Dust Settled on a settlement
Dig for better things
Shit I mean Competing.
Memory Is failing me but fuck it
I mean
As long as I'm forgetting you that's something I could Stomach
but what wasn't?
Stiitin thinkin
was you up to something?
I knew it in my heart but always thought you was above it
them rose tinted glasses sing
"Isnt she lovely?"

NOW Theres a dark heart part of me
Put pain in a prodigy
Id rather A Lobotomy
So please stop haunting me
Goin insane
to out sane the sane
theres two sides to the brain
I dont think the same way
I'd rather have my veins injected
with a vile of chloraseptic
while I contemplate the constant
cosmic neverending consequence
Constantly catchin cases
you fucker
you fucked up
Fuck it!
I never hated someone so much
you're a beautiful..
Bitch I might be pissed
what I do for you to feel it should end like this?
But Ill be waiting for an answer that I wont get
And whats worse?
you're the reason that I exist
At first
I had really believed that shit
now Im back to square 1
With nothing
im worthless
for certain
the curtain
is closed
Fuck flow
theres a truth to be told.

Between the verses
and the curses
and this metaphoric burden
theres a person
hurtin waitin hopin lookin for a change
if i could find inside the courage
I could even make it rain
Its not enough to just believe
you gotta want the same things
otherwise that ball and chain
just another ball and chain
yankin on the chasis catchin pavement
and switchin lanes
I made believe I was a part of something
just to watch it fade
but I cant stand another test of fate
so you can go your own mother fuckin way.